Dispatch: Re-re-evaluating Atrazine

An editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal notes, “With the headlines full of oil spills and immigration, the Obama Administration’s regulatory agenda is getting little attention. That’s a mistake. Consider the Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to revive an assault on atrazine, one of the oldest, most well-established agricultural chemicals on the market. Just this past week, the EPA held its third ‘re-evaluation’ hearing on atrazine.”

“This editorial is right on target,” says Dr. Ross. “It basically points out that the plaintiffs’ bar and anti-chemical, anti-business activists are working hand in hand yet again to target atrazine, which is the second most widely used herbicide in the U.S. This campaign is based on no science whatsoever, as it is already acknowledged both by the EPA and WHO that there is no evidence that current levels of atrazine in drinking water are dangerous to humans. Lawyers, of course, will still continue trying to extort money from companies that manufacture this chemical.”

“Keep in mind that the EPA and other agencies have now been staffed by activists,” says ACSH’s Jeff Stier. “The way democratic governments usually work is that there are watchdog groups monitoring regulatory agencies, but now the watchdog groups are running the show. It is as important as ever for us to keep pressure on these agencies and encourage them to prioritize science and consumers’ health interest. With support from Dispatch readers, we will continue to watch them and fight against unscientific activism.”

Dr. Whelan adds, “Well, someone has to watch the watchdogs these days.”

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