EPA Grants Triazine Network Request to Extend Comment Period for Human Health Risk Assessment

In July, EPA published its Draft Human Health Risk Assessment for Atrazine as well as other triazine herbicides, propazine and simazine. The Triazine Network that advocates for farmers in regulatory actions regarding these important herbicides. The Network requested an extension for the comment period to allow farmers time to submit comments on this issue. Our extension request was granted, and now comments can be submitted until Nov.23. This gives us time to closely analyze the draft human health assessment for atrazine. While the draft assessment appears to be generally favorable, we have concerns in some of the findings and will address those with EPA.

Farmers in Kansas and across the nation submitted comments to EPA in the fall of 2016 to the agency’s Draft Ecological Risk Assessment that recommended drastic cuts in the application rates for atrazine. Those comments are still being considered by EPA.