Farm Industry News: Atrazine answers

Atrazine may not need to be regulated any differently than it is now. Recent studies continue to reaffirm EPA’s original decision in 2006 to reregister atrazine, says Tim Pastoor, principal scientist, Syngenta. Pastoor spoke after a Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) met with the EPA in September to reevaluate the non-cancer effects of the popular corn herbicide. The SAP includes biologists, statisticians, toxicologists and other experts to provide independent scientific advice to the EPA on health and safety issues related to pesticides.

A key point made in the SAP discussions was that epidemiological data show no causal link between atrazine and adverse reproductive health effects, Pastoor says. The SAP’s findings “reaffirmed the strength of the scientific database and safety of atrazine,” he says.

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