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Atrazine is a safe and needed herbicide that controls weeds and helps with conservation practices. Tell EPA to get the science right as the registration review draws to a conclusion.

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EPA’s Atrazine Decision Raises Ecological LOC, but Science Must Be Corrected

Growers: Comments are due by March 2, 2020 on the Atrazine Preliminary Interim Decision (PID). EPA’s atrazine PID, published on Jan. 2, 2020, in the federal register, supports EPA’s commitment to use credible scientific research in setting a reasonable aquatic ecosystem Level of Concern (LOC) for atrazine. The interim decision is positive for growers who rely on the atrazine for weed control. However, the LOC must be solidified and low quality science that remains in the document must be addressed

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Atrazine Review Continues

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Some people claim atrazine isn’t safe, but the truth is, regulatory agencies around the world including the US Environmental Protection Agency and its independent Science Advisory Panels have endorsed atrazine’s safety time and time again. So why is this helpful herbicide under attack again? Activists know if they can ban a product that has been proven safe for over 60 years, any crop protection tool can be banned. We think it’s important to know the benefits and safety record of the most studied herbicide in history.

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