Atrazine Safety Information


Atrazine has passed some of the most rigorous safety testing in the world over the past two decades. Farmers recognize the regulatory authorities here in the U.S. and make use of pesticides on their farms in order to ensure an abundant and affordable supply of foods for consumers all over the world.

A farmer’s perspective

No one cares more about the safety of agricultural pesticides than the farmers who use them on their crop and soils—where our own children play. Farmers have an important stake in keeping their land, rivers and ponds safe for their families, their neighbors and their communities.

If sound scientific research finds that atrazine, or any agricultural pesticide for that matter, can’t be used safely, farmers will be the first to agree with increased regulation. But since proven scientific research has found repeatedly that atrazine is safe when used responsibly and by following label recommendations, there is no reason to give up a product that helps us raise our crops affordably and sustainably.