Atrazine: Wise and prudent

by John Schlageck

Are extremists in the environmental movement really concerned about the welfare of our animals, the quality of our water and conserving our planet or are they trying to change the world to fit their own image?

Listening to their agendas and following their actions, there is little doubt such extremists are hell-bent on eliminating animals in production agriculture. Referendums like those in California, Ohio, Missouri and other states by well-funded animal rightists are taking direct aim at the rights of farmers and ranchers who raise, care for and sell farm animals.

You can bet the farm on it – environmental extremists from various groups have played a role whenever new water quality standards are proposed.

Last fall EPA announced it was beginning a comprehensive new evaluation of the pesticide atrazine to determine its effect on humans. At the end of this process, EPA will decide whether to revise its current risk assessment of the pesticide and whether new restrictions are necessary better to protect public health.

Atrazine is the most important herbicide in soil-saving growing practices such as no-till and conservation tillage. Farmers use atrazine to control weeds on about two-thirds of this country’s corn and sorghum acreage.

EPA is also looking at controlling dust on the farm and herbicide and insecticide spraying drift. Dust is part of farming, it always will be and careful spraying of crops is essential to continue producing yields necessary to feed this country and the world’s people.

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